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Conference Center and Hotel

Hotel Tegel

Fiskarsintie 9


tel. +358 (0)50 441 91 79




A refreshing breakfast is served to our hotel guests in our lounge area. In the lounge you can also enjoy afternoon coffee or a nightcap.


To our conference guests, morning and afternoon coffee is served with a salty bite or a sweet pastry either in the conference room or lounge.


Conference refreshments include ice water and juice.


The lunch and dinner meals included in conference or hotel packages are served at either Fiskars Wärdshus or Restaurant Kuparipaja, as you prefer. Both restaurants are located nearby. Naturally, we will handle the restaurant bookings for you.

Restaurant Kuparipaja


The Kuparipaja restaurant is in a former copper smithy beside the Fiskars River. Downstairs is a café-cum-restaurant, while the hall upstairs seats larger groups for lunch or dinner. Overlooking the river rapids while eating on the terrace of Kuparipaja is an added treat for summer visitors. The interior of the restaurant is modern, the menu contemporary and varied but always respectful of tradition.


Client seating:

Upstairs: restaurant hall: 90; cabinet room: 50

Downstairs: café/restaurant: 60

Summer terrace beside the rapids: 80




Fiskars Wärdshus


Thought to be the oldest inn in Finland to have been in continuous use, the Fiskars Wärdshus has for many years built its reputation and traditions by providing excellent food in a comfortable environment with friendly service and atmosphere. The menu changes with the seasons and always offers some memorable culinary experiences.


Client seating:

Seats in the hall: 60; on the terrace: 50

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