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Conference Center and Hotel

Hotel Tegel

Fiskarsintie 9


tel. +358 (0)50 441 91 79




The cutlery mill was originally built according to drawings by Carl Ludwig Engel in 1832. A second storey, built in timber, was planned and drawn up by J. E. Wiik and added in 1851.


The original building burned down in 1888, but the red brick building that is still standing today was quickly built the same year, in the very same spot as the original cutlery mill.


The building was then renovated in the 1980s. The modern facilities housed not only office spaces but also the FiskarsForum conference centre.


The office spaces were then refurbished in the summer of 2013 to house Hotel Tegel and its 13 rooms. On May 1st, 2015 onward also FiskarsForum’s conference operations transferred under Hotel Tegel.