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Conference Center and Hotel

Hotel Tegel

Fiskarsintie 9


tel. +358 (0)50 441 91 79




During conference breaks you can relax by getting to know Fiskars Village, either on your own or by taking part in some of the guided activities. In this historic ironworks village you can see the best of modern design and art at a variety of exhibitions and shops. You can also visit the workshops of artists and artisans, and even try your hand at some of their skills. We will gladly help you plan a program of activities to fit in with your schedule and wishes.

Getting to know Fiskars Village on your own

Fiskars Village has many different shops and workshops which, from mid-October through April, are open Tuesday to Sunday from noon till 5pm.

Try your hand at a creative skill

Visit a glassblower's workshop and learn how to blow glass and fashion an object for yourself.

Guided tour

Take a guided tour of Fiskars Village to learn more about its ironworks history and the work of the artists and artisans who live and work here today.


Fun outdoor activities with the lead of SE-Actions guides for an hour or two will liven up your conference.


Iyengar yoga suits everybody irrespective of age, condition, sex or life situation. It increases at the same time strength, agility, endurance and awareness. It is a dynamic form of yoga that releases tensions from your body and soul. .


A visit to the local Brewery, Distillery and Cider producer

The Fiskars Brewery, Ägräs Distillery and Kuura Cider offers a refreshing moment to break the conference day. You can make a guided tour for your group with a tasting possibility. The tour takes from 35 minutes to 3 hours, depending on your choice of program.


There is roughly 60 km of bike trails in the woods and fields surrounding the Fiskars village. The trails are well planned, taking in consideration the nature. There are trails suiting beginners as well as pros. The height difference of 60 meters guaranties a real experience whether you are going up or down the hill.

Fiskars Tennis Club and Hotel Tegel in co-operation!


The Fiskars Tennis Club is active in the center of the village.


Hotel Tegel's guests have now an opportunity to book an outdoor tennis court. The price is 30 €/hour. Reservations are made in the hotel reception.


The court ground is red clay, which is in use for instance in the legendary Roland Garros court in Paris.